Butterscotch Stripes // Personal Style VOL16


I'm really going to miss summer. And Chicago. Our big move to Portland is coming quick and before I know it, I'll be hiking and exploring in another part of the country. I'm super excited, but any time you leave something you've known for years (7 years!) it's a little bittersweet. 

Today I'm busy shipping orders from the giant sale, taking future blog post photos of some vintage pieces before they're sold, and packing. Ryan and I are just beginning to pack for a move that is two weeks away. What am I if not a terrible judge of timing? 

 Here's to the end of summer and my last days at The Paraders office.

1950s dress : The Paraders
boots : Fryes
flower clip : Urban Outfitters

Rustic Rummage Giveaway


On top of The Paraders' 60% off sale, we're helping host a giveaway at Rustic Rummage!  See the entry rules below to find out how to win this darling beaded cardigan!

So, you want to know how to enter to win?
Read the details below:

  • Don't follow us on Facebook? Start by doing so!
  • Then, tag our Facebook page (here) in a post

  • If you just post on our page, you will NOT be entered; you must tag us from your Facebook
  • Another form of entry is to comment on this blog post with "#giveaway #rusticrummage"
  • Or e-mail me at rustic.rummage@yahoo.com telling me one of your fav posts from the blog! 

  • Entry dates: 9/20/2013 - 9/25-2013
  • Winner will be announced at 6 p.m. central time Wednesday 9/25
  • Plus, you get free shipping, too! 
  • U.S offer only



Hey Everyone!

I have some pretty big, pretty exciting news for you!  The Paraders is making a huge transition and doing three things : moving, phasing out of our current vintage stock and into more specialized inventory, and launching our vintage-inspired clothing collections!

Translation : what that means for you is 50% OFF EVERYTHING in our Etsy shop (our main website is on hold) plus 50% off about 50 more pieces we'll be adding over the next couple of days and a chance to wear vintage styles in your size with our new collections!

We've been on a long and wild vintage-selling ride, but it's time to kick things up a notch! While my passion is vintage clothing, I'd like to take it in a new direction.  Within the next couple of months I'll be focusing on designing for our upcoming lines and blogging about the process of our move and my favorite topic : vintage.

Please join me in this new adventure and follow the journey right here on the blog.  I'll be posting on my design process, new inventory, our big move (to Portland!), incorporating vintage into your wardrobe, and bits and pieces of fashion history.
Rachael Hammon
The Paraders