Action feels so good lately. Have you guys been inspired to take any big steps toward a new venture?  I know I sure have. I think it’s got something to do with spring. :)  I’ve been acting on a slew of plans as of late, namely a “mini-collection” that I talked about in the last […]

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Making moves


Spring is here and I’m on the move! We’ve been so lucky in Portland with an early spring and I’ve tried my hardest to get outside on a regular basis to enjoy the sunshine and gorgeous blooms that are starting to show. On The Paraders front, I have so many exciting things to share with […]

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Back in the Saddle


So it’s been over a year since I last posted to the Paraders blog. I kinda only meant to take a blog and vintage break long enough to move to Portland, but that grew into something a little longer. I’m back at it, and ready to start Paraders up again! I’ve made some pretty major brand […]

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Butterscotch Stripes // Personal Style VOL16


I’m really going to miss summer. And Chicago. Our big move to Portland is coming quick and before I know it, I’ll be hiking and exploring in another part of the country. I’m super excited, but any time you leave something you’ve known for years (7 years!) it’s a little bittersweet.

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Hey Everyone!I have some pretty big, pretty exciting news for you!  The Paraders is making a huge transition and doing three things : moving, phasing out of our current vintage stock and into more specialized inventory, and launching our vintage-inspired clothing collections!

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