Today’s vintage clothing analyst post digs deep to show you what era this dress is from and HOW WE KNOW.  Cheaters click here for the easy answer.
Like usual, let’s start with the things we know about it and can readily observe:
  • Cream eyelet overlay fabric
  • Rayon slip 
  • Labels
  • Short, straight sleeves
  • Soft structure with defined waist
  • V-neck
Digging deeper into details:
  • Midi-length hem line
  • Care and Lee Jordan NY labels
  • Button detailing 
The overall structure of the dress resembles the 1950s, but it isn’t as structured and stiff as 1950s styles. The hemline goes slightly below the knee, referred to as “midi” hem line. The rough edges and more “bohemian” feel of the fabric say “hippie”. However, the number one detail is the care label attached to the garment. These weren’t even used until the 1960s and weren’t enforced by law until the 1970s. The combo of a care label and the designer Lee Jordan who designed dresses dated to the 1960s, give us a solid argument to date this dress. 
This one wasn’t too difficult, right? It’s a pretty simple silhouette with just a matter of paying attention to smaller details. I hope you all love this Georgia dress as much as I do!