“What I enjoy most about making my work is the experience people have when they look at it. They stop for a moment to have a closer look and the moment turns into long minutes of being fascinated by the beauty a simple medium like paper can add to the work in front of their eyes.”  -Gunjan Aylawadi

Sometimes it’s easy to forget the simple things in life.  Or more importantly what can be made of simple things : smiles, seeds, kind acts, and in this case – paper.  Gunjan Aylawadi is a paper artist based in Sydney, Australia who makes gorgeously detailed works of art. She uses her own method of paper cutting and curling to add layers of texture and sculptural form to her hand drawn art.  I was originally drawn to the repetition and color variety of her pieces when researching fabric for an upcoming collection, but was amazed to see that each piece was made with incredible detail.  That’s the real beauty.

See for yourself!


All images from GunjanAylawadi.com