LindaRodin4_zps831b1fc0Linda Rodin is the ultimate “cool girl” and a seriously badass woman.  At 65, she’s had a full career as a model and stylist, and has recently launched a skincare line under the name Rodin Olio Lusso.  You can find countless writeups online about her skincare products and what she’s done to stay young and fresh-faced, but what really inspires me is another of her many facets – her iconic style. She has recently gotten back into modeling, and can be seen in campaigns for Coach and The Row, to name a couple.

Rodin always looks so sophisticated, but in a fun, young, playful way.  I love her charm and class and the way she can put together a perfect outfit.  It’s so refreshing to see and older woman really take her outward presence to another level.


Rodin for The Row: