If you were to ask me if there’s one thing I can count on as the most basic rule of life, I would know in a heartbeat what to tell you.  It wouldn’t be that tacos are delicious, or that Louis C.K. is a god among men, or even the existence of a God, period.

My answer would be : Ulyana Sergeenko always looks perfect.  She is never not perfect. Not ever. Never in my life has one human’s wardrobe choice impressed me at every chance. If you care to go down the rabbit hole, just give her a little search on google or pinterest. You’ll see what I mean.

Her combination of lace, knits, and metallics makes such a perfect monochrome outfit.  I can’t get enough of really full skirts lately, and this gem just tops off my obsession. I’m not sure if the copy of Charlotte’s Web in her hand is an actual book, a purse, or what, but whatever it is…it’s working.  Ps. I found this gorgeous shot on pinterest.