You know the moment when you step into a store and think “Oh god, my wallet is going to be empty when I leave.”?  That’s how I felt last Saturday when I went to visit a friend of mine that works at Workshop Vintage. Their curation is gorgeous and everything in the store was so perfectly chosen. Workshop Vintage is part vintage shop, part local artisan shop, and part…well, workshop.  One of my favorite things about the store was that at the back of the storefront, there’s a workshop setup with works in progress, scattered papers, strewn fabric, etc.  I love seeing other peoples’ workspaces. Plus, it’s even better when it looks like there’s actual WORK being done in those workspaces… not just the picture-perfect instagram-worthy workspaces you see all over the internet.

Aside from this cool little peek, the rest of the shop is just gorgeous.  Workshop has a canoe-turned-shelving unit, several one of a kind wooden racks and built-in cabinetry pieces, and a beautiful checkout counter with sequined wallpaper behind – all built by co-owner, Nate Moore.  My favorite part, however, is that they sell the coolest trinkets of preserved snakes and other small reptiles. Scroll to the end of the photos if you’re curious. ;)

I had the pleasure of interviewing co-owner Audra Santillo about the shop and their future plans, so read on for the Q/A…

workshop-vintagevintage-clothing---workshop-vintageQ. When you opened Workshop Vintage, what was your vision for the shop?  How has it changed or evolved?

A. The vision for Workshop Vintage was to create a curated boutique where costumers could find lovely vintage treasures and artisan wares for styling themselves or their homes.  The other vision was to become a place where people could gather to learn from a workshop or party and experience some great art.  We are almost ready to start working on the second part of that vision.

vintage-clothing-2---workshop-vintageworkshop-vintage-woodworkworkshop-vintage-ceilingQ. What’s your favorite vintage style?

A. So hard to choose! I do love the 70’s.  From the saucy secretary look to rock and roll layers of denim, leather, and fringe and all topped with Farrah Fawcett hair.


Q. What’s the best part of owning a vintage shop?A. Connecting with people and watching amazing pieces find their people.  I love the look on their faces when they find a treasure!


Q. What’s the future of Workshop Vintage like?

A. There is a little bit of a list but we will start with the future of WSV launching a lifestyle line including hard and soft goods.



Q. Your shop is so visually engaging….what’s YOUR favorite detail?


A. Thank you Rachael!  My favorite detail of the shop is the dressing pod (photo below). I love the contrast of stark geometry to the mossy reclaimed wood.  It was so much fun working with my fiancé and his partner of Nam Jam Custom creating the interiors.

workshop vintage dressing podworkshop-vintage-sign

If you live in Portland or are visiting soon, do yourself a favor and check out Workshop Vintage at 4011 N Williams Ave.